Surprise $40 Million Inheritance

Some people have all the luck, don’t they? In my novel Blood Trails, the job of my protagonist, Michael Flint, is basically to track down the people with “all the luck.” In other words, he’s an heir hunter.

Blood Trails

Michael Flint tracks down people who are heirs to a fortune. Why do these heirs need to be found? Well, various reasons. In the case of Blood Trails, a wealthy Texan named Sebastian Shaw hires Flint to find the woman who owns the mineral rights to the largest independently owned land grant oil field in Texas. If the woman doesn’t sell her mineral rights, Shaw won’t own the field. And if Flint doesn’t find the woman, he doesn’t get paid. Or at least.. that’s how things work in theory. It’s never as simple as it should be, is it?

An Argentine woman named Eva Paole didn’t hire an heir hunter, but she sure could have used Michael Flint! Paole, the daughter of a single mother, living in Argentina, was working as a maid.

Paole had heard rumors that her mother may have had an affair with an illustrious baron, Rufino Otero. When he died, she looked into the rumors and found there was indeed enough evidence to take legal action and attempt to prove herself an heir. Paole ended up filing a paternity suit in 1999. It took a decade or so, but eventually Eva had Otero’s body exhumed. But when the grave was unearthed, they found that his body had been switched with another corpse! (If I wrote this story as a novel, you wouldn’t believe it, would you?)  So they exhumed the body of Otero’s mother for hard DNA evidence. The DNA proved that Paole was, indeed, the daughter of Rufino Otero. She inherited 40 million dollars.

How’s that for a crazy inheritance story?! Have you heard others? If so, send me a link or tell me the story in the “Comments” section below.

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