Virtual Plane Tours: How Cool is That?!

Okay, so this is really cool. Airbus is using something they’re calling “smart glasses” — they’re more like goggles, really — that allow people to use their mind, eyes, and head to explore new plane models.

Airbus Smart Glasses

After strapping on the virtual reality device, the users can move their head to navigate around the plane. And, by focusing on one point, they can “zoom in” on it, see it in closer detail, and get more information about it. Meanwhile, Airbus representatives can watch on a screen what the participant is viewing, and can be there to discuss it with them.

This is really cool on several levels.

  1. We have the ability to move stuff with our eyes. I’m no expert on how this works, but apparently the technology is developing, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.
  2. We can get a sneak peek at airplanes of the not-so-distant future without actually going in them. Imagine if we could create these goggles for the books we read. I could, theoretically, give you a virtual tour of, for example, Fort Bird as described in my Hunt for Jack Reacher thriller Jack and Joe.
  3. What an economically efficient way for Airbus to get feedback on new models. They don’t have to transport people to the planes and run tours of them. I’m sure developing the “smart glasses” was no inexpensive feat, but probably a strong investment. Right now, they’re using the smart glasses at trade shows and with Airbus customer support and marketing teams.
  4. How cool are the new planes?

Airbus Develops Virtual Reality Glasses

Airbus Plane

Ok, so how can I incorporate this technology into one of my thriller novels? I have some ideas…but don’t want to spill any beans. Any ideas on your end?

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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