You Asked: Diane Capri Books In Order

Several times a month, readers email me asking about the best order to read my books. I figured you may have the question, so I wanted to provide the complete list for you here.

Diane Capri Books In Order

There are 4 series: Hunt for Justice, the Jess Kimball Thrillers, Hunt for Jack Reacher, and Hunt for Truth. You can start with Book #1 in any of the 4 series.

Each series is listed below in chronological order of publication.
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Hunt for Justice Books In Order:

  1. Due Justice
  2. Twisted Justice
  3. Secret Justice
  4. Wasted Justice
  5. Raw Justice
  6. Mistaken Justice

Jess Kimball Thrillers In Order:

  1. Fatal Enemy
  2. Fatal Distraction
  3. Fatal Demand
  4. Fatal Error

Hunt for Jack Reacher Books In Order:

  1. Don’t Know Jack
  2. Jack In A Box (short read)
  3. Jack and Kill (short read)
  4. Get Back Jack
  5. Jack in the Green (short read)
  6. Hit the Road Jack (5 short reads anthology)
  7. Jack and Joe

False Truth Serial Books In Order:

  1. False Truth 1: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  2. False Truth 2: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  3. False Truth 3: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  4. False Truth 4: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  5. False Truth 5: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  6. False Truth 6: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  7. False Truth 7: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  8. False Truth 8: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  9. False Truth 9: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  10. False Truth 10: A Jordan Fox Mystery
  11. False Truth 11: A Jordan Fox Mystery

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