Saturday Special: May Your Ending Be Unexpected

We’re smack dab in the middle of October — which, as you may know, is Mystery Month.

Mystery Month Humor

How do you like your mysteries to end? With a twist, right? That’s the answer I hear most often. As I wrote earlier this week, a fairy tale ending isn’t always my favorite. I prefer surprise.

There’s an international art project called Portals that supports this element of surprise that we crave as readers and, well, as humans. In case you missed my blog post on it, this is how the Portals work: when you enter the large golden box, there’s a life-size projection in real time of a person in a similar golden box in another country. Vanderbilt University in Nashville had one connected to Mexico City this month. The idea is to have a candid conversation (translation is available…) and to entertain that element of mystery over who you’re going to meet and what you might have in common.

After I wrote about the box on Vanderbilt’s campus, and quite frequently since I researched Nashville for Jack and Joe, my computer has been suggesting Nashville-oriented websites to me. Like this one from The Tennessean: Best Burgers in Nashville.

Who doesn’t love a great burger? So I HAD to click. For research purposes, of course.

Here are a few of the highlights, in case you’re like Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar, and find yourself cruising through Nashville with an appetite fit for an FBI Special Agent:

Nashville Burger from Rotiers

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Burger Republic's '96 Burger'

  • Pictured above: The 96 Burger from Burger Republic. According to their menu, it includes Angus Beef blended with bleu cheese topped with honey-balsamic glazed mushrooms, onions and bacon, finished with crispy shoestring fries & garlic-horseradish aioli.
    (Talk about finishing with a twist! Didn’t see the garlic-horseradish aioli coming!)

The Pharmacy

  • At a Nashville restaurant called The Pharmacy, the beef is 100% Tennessee-raised. This place gets a lot of votes for having the best burger in the city. I’ve actually been to The Pharmacy in Nashville, but I missed the burger memo and got something else! Now I’ll have to go back!

Perhaps I could visit via teleportation… hmmm… if only it worked that way.

Have you been to any of these restaurants? If a teleportation box was available to you, which of these burgers would you choose?

If what you want is a surprise — perhaps a conversation with a stranger? An unpredictable encounter? … then The Pharmacy might be your best option. They have a biergarten that appears to lend itself to socialization.

Biergarten at The Pharmacy in Nashville

Biergarten at The Pharmacy in Nashville

As Otto and Gaspar know, sometimes the most interesting conversations happen when you least expect them.

Happy Mystery Month! May your ending be unexpected….

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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