The (Real) Life of a Rookie TV Reporter

Jordan Fox has a problem. False Truth Serial readers know her first job after college has turned from her dream job into a low paying internship. She’s in line for consideration the next time a job open ups at Channel 12. But she’s got competition in Drew Hodges, another great candidate. Turns out, Jordan’s ideas about her job performance and prospects are not the same as her bosses’. When the intern who desperately wants to get hired defies the boss every day, sticks her news nose into lots of dangerous places, and barely escapes alive? Well, that’s a problem. Is Jordan’s desire to become a successful journalist at Channel 12 doomed?


A career in journalism doesn’t follow a clearly defined path. In real life, Jordan would have several possible roads to success. It all depends on how excellent her work is, the experience she gains, who’s on her side and how lucky she is. Of course, we know Jordan Fox is very lucky! But new employees like Jordan have to learn the ropes and reporters need to generate stories the station can put on the air.

Television news departments usually have a few seasoned reporters who are investigative reporters. Channel 12’s investigative reporters, like Sandy Wall, have worked as general assignment reporters for years before moving up to investigative reporter. Jordan is a general assignment reporter in training. She’s got a long way to go.

The competition for the investigative reporter role can be fierce. General assignment reporters – like Jordan’s friend Theresa Parma for example — might want to become investigative reporters, too, and they’re ahead of Jordan on skills and experience.

Jordan’s very talented. She’s definitely got a nose for news! She’ll be amazing after she develops her skills as a general assignment reporter because…

  • She’ll build her network of contacts, which is essential to a reporter’s job.
  • She’ll become a star photographer, editor, writer, and interviewer with more practice.
  • She’ll learn to identify and focus on stories that are less likely to get herself and Channel 12 in trouble. Stories that put Jordan in dangerous positions or could become lawsuits need careful handling and years more experience than Jordan has now.
  • Investigative reporting requires a set of skills for more complicated stories that Jordan still needs to learn.

Does Jordan have even a chance of leapfrogging over the job of full-time multimedia journalist or full-time general assignment reporter and going straight to Channel 12 Investigative Reporter? Probably not. But can she get on the path that will lead her from intern on the edge of being fired straight to investigative reporter? Beth Dexter tells me the chances are very slim. But hey, slim is not impossible, right?

So, what’s next for Jordan Fox as her story rushes toward the exciting conclusion? False Truth 10: A Jordan Fox Mystery is available now. Read it and find out!

False Truth 10

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