Saturday Special: If Only We Knew…

If you were given the power to look into your future, would you?

You know the possibilities as well as I do.
Fortune… Fame… Lost Love… New Love… Horrific Tragedy… Thrilling Adventure…

Would you look into the future if you could? I wouldn’t.
I’ll take the good experiences as pleasant surprises.
And the bad, well, I’m probably happier living in oblivion.

This week we encountered several stories with dramatic outcomes. I wonder how the people in those stories would answer my theoretical question.

1. I shared with you that the second installment of Flight 12 has been released!!!  Flight 12: A Laura Cardinal Thriller by J. Carson Black. Have you read your copy yet?

J. Carson Black Flight 12

2. A couple in California may have chosen to live a life of boundless optimism and extravagance for the last few years — if they’d been able to see their future. Did you hear what they found in their backyard recently? Millions of dollars worth of Gold Rush-era coins!
If they’d looked into a crystal ball and had seen fortune heading their way, would that have been a blessing or a curse?
What say you?

Crystal Ball

3. We announced the winners of our Summer Splash Blog Hop. We hope you had fun at the hop. I certainly enjoyed reading your answers to our prize question: If you were stuck on Diane Capri Island for an entire year, who would you want to have with you? Willa, Jess or Jenny? Why?

Next week I’ll share the tale of how I turned lemons into… martinis… with a twist!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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