Saturday Special: The Need For Speed

It’s mid-May, and paces are shifting. “Hurry up and slow down” seems to be the mantra people around me are observing. Recent college graduates are scurrying to move to their next destination and begin a new life. High school students and teachers are frantic to finish finals so they can have summer break. Others are hurrying up to pack so they can go on an out-of-town vacation. If only we could all move at the pace of the Great Hunter pictured below!

Which brings me to the first subject of this week’s Saturday Special.

1. Have you gotten to the part about the liger in Jack in the Green yet? If not, don’t worry. I’m not giving anything away. The liger is used as an analogy in the book. But, it won’t mean much if you don’t know what a liger is! That’s why I wrote a little explanation for you HERE.

Hercules the Liger

Haven’t picked up your copy of Jack in the Green yet?
It’s the latest in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series.

Here are the links. Choose your preferred site!


2. If you want to read Jack in the Green as quickly as possible, here’s an idea: glance at fast food logos sporadically. Sounds crazy, I know. But this study out of the University of Toronto found that people subconsciously associate fast food with the need to save time. The result is speedier reading.

Fast Food Logos

3. Maybe you’re not in a rush to read. If so, I congratulate you on taking a leisurely approach to life! You’re the type of person who might enjoy this article I found on pairing wine with books. For example, I had never thought about pairing wine with biographies (as a toast to life’s successes.) And did you know Pinot Noir is the poet’s wine? Fascinating!

Red Wine

Pairing wine with books might be an especially useful concept if you’re in a book club where drinking is involved. Speaking of book clubs…

4. Get Back Jack was featured on the Book of the Moment Club TWICE in the past week! Once as an ebook and once as an audiobook. Way cool!

Get Back Jack- Book of the Moment Club

Are you “hurrying up to slow down” this time of year? If so, what’s your “finish line”?

Stay tuned to my blog next week — I’m going to be making an announcement about The Twelve‘s newest project! As always, thanks for reading!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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