The Next Hunt for Jack Reacher Title is….

Everyone on Team Diane Capri has one goal only. You already know what that goal is, don’t you? We want our readers to be satisfied every time. First, last and always, what we do here is all about you.

Readers Are #1

Naturally, then, when it came time to choose between two titles for my next Otto and Gaspar novel after Don’t Know Jack, who would I ask for help? Exactly. You.

Complete Hunt For Reacher Series + Bonus!

Complete Hunt For Reacher Series + Bonus!

Readers Know Best.

We explained a bit about the story, which follows Reacher’s exploits Lee Child chronicled in Bad Luck and TroubleBad Luck and Trouble

We Asked: Which title do you prefer for the second novel in Diane Capri’s Hunt for Jack Reacher series and Why do you like it best?

The options were:

A.  Get Back Jack

B.  Get Jack Back

209 of you voted and explained your reasons. To see what readers said CLICK HERE.

We ran the vote twice. Once, as a part of the New Year’s Hop. And once on our Name That Book poll. The same title garnered more votes in each poll.

While both titles had their supporters and the results were close, one was the clear Readers’ Choice.

Voting is now closed and the entries have been tallied. Rafflecopter has chosen and posted the winner of our bribe for participating. (To see who won CLICK HERE.)

Which title was The Readers’ Choice? 

At the New Year’s Hop:

New Year's Hop Results

New Year’s Hop Results


During our Name That Book Poll:

Name That Book Results

Name That Book Results


The Readers’ Choice for the next Hunt for Reacher title is….Get Back Jack!

We’ve sent our shiny new title to our award winning cover artist along with a short synopsis. When he’s created another fabulous cover for Get Back Jack, we’ll give you a sneak peek!

What about this voting process? Good? Bad? Room for improvement? Please let me know. You can leave your comments here or e-mail me or better yet —

Join us in our new Diane Capri Crowd closed Facebook group where we discuss issues related to the Otto and Gaspar books and more every day. Readers wanted a group where we can hang out together and talk about things that interest us. Come on in and give us a chance to get to know each other better. We’ll leave the light on for you. Here’s the link:

Meanwhile, I need to get back to work!

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As always, thank you for reading!

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