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What Are You Thinking, Einstein?

Still Asking: What IS Lee Child’s Favorite Beatle Song?

Planet Introvertian Logic Before June, my friend Lee Child had been interviewed hundreds of times. Maybe even thousands. A quick Google search of his name turned up 299,000,000 hits in 0.19 seconds. An almost equally quick Google search seeking “Lee Child’s favorite songs” turned up 150,000,000 results in .30 seconds. But “What is Lee Child’s favorite […]

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Diane Capri

Who Is Your Favorite Introvert?

Are You a Martian, Like Me? Sometimes, I feel like I landed here from another planet. And I’ve felt that way since I was a young child. A psychic told me once that I see the hidden relationships others don’t see. That’s maybe one of the kinder ways people have described how I think. I’m […]

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