Lone Star Jack and Echo Burning

Lone Star Jack releases October 25, but the events in the story take place in the Spring.  Even though the calendar says springtime, everything about the  southwest Texas setting is hot and threatening. Just the way we readers like it! Indeed, John posted this on Goodreads last week. I’m “chuffed” as our British friends would say. Thanks so much for the kind words about Lone Star Jack, John! 



Aside from enjoying the summer, I’ve been hard at work on finalizing everything we need to do to bring you  Lone Star Jack on time. Right now, we’re on track to release all versions of Kim Otto novel #15  (book #18) as promised!

We will have ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers and audio books available on Amazon, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, Book Depository, and in libraries and bookstores.  Apple, and Kobo.

Lone Star Jack will release on October 25

If you preorder, Lone Star Jack should be delivered to you on release day, kind of like magic. Just click the cover to preorder the book or click on the links below.


FBI Special Agent Kim Otto picks up where Lee Child’s Echo Burning leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.

Impatient with FBI Special Agent Kim Otto’s lack of progress, her boss seeks to show her how it’s done.

Cooper drags Otto to Dallas where he sets a trap to lure Jack Reacher with three carrots: challenge, revenge, and pride.

When a full scale riot breaks out at a prominent politician’s funeral, Otto uncovers a Machiavellian plot to execute his political rival.

A plot Reacher unwittingly put in motion.

Ten years ago, in Lee Child’s Echo Burning, Reacher was recruited to kill a stranger. He refused the mission but teamed up with two women to expose stomach-churning mass slaughter.

Now, Otto and Michael Flint race to find the executioner who refuses to relinquish his ill-gotten legacy.

Filled with twists and turns to keep you breathless until the explosive finale, can Otto and Reacher work together to stop the heinous assassins before it’s too late?

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The Lee Child source book is Echo Burning

(Click the cover to buy Echo Burning)


Have you read Echo Burning? Perhaps you recall that Jack Reacher was asked to assassinate a man. Although he certainly could have done the job, Reacher refused. But experienced killers took on the project.

What follows is a twisty tale about life in rural Texas where great distances separate people and places and it was possible to live outside the spotlight of law enforcement, until a stranger comes to town…

That was then, ten years ago.

Now, in Lone Star JackKim Otto finds herself embroiled with the remaining members of the Greer family as they attempt to untangle the aftermath and unintended consequences of Echo Burning.

Kim lost her partner in Jack Knife, as you probably recall. So this time she’s forced to get help from three of the men in her life: Gaspar,  Michael Flint, and, finally, Jack Reacher.

I’m really excited for you to read Lone Star Jack and I can’t wait to get it out to you!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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