Murder, Mystery and Food in Florida?

You know I love reading a book on a warm beach, which is why my Hunt for Justice Mystery Series is set in the Sunshine State. I know, I know— who doesn’t? But bear with me. I’m not talking only about Disney World and the beaches. As a mystery writer, I try to peer into the darker side of Florida, which is part of the intrigue!

There’s something about the contrast between the beautiful weather and mystery that makes stories more compelling, I think. Murder in Paradise is a tantalizing theme. Don’t you agree? 

Given Florida’s history of weird and wacky crimes, perhaps it’s no surprise that live-action Murder Mystery parties are a thriving business in Tampa. Of course, it doesn’t hurt either that many of these events are combined with delicious food. 

There are numerous Murder Mysteries to choose from, from romantic 5-star dinners, to surprise ambushes at corporate events. 

Image courtesy of Just Murder Mystery

Jest Mystery Co. claims that they offer the best murder mystery actors from Tampa, specializing in interactive, energetic performances. They offer different themes, such as the 1920s ‘Bullets in the Bathtub’ which is a comical portrayal of a deadly turf-war between two gin smugglers. ‘Clueless’ is another option for those who love the game Clue. In this performance, guests find themselves immersed in a celebration of the oldest and richest men in town, intertwined of course with some family politics and twists and turns. 

The Murder Mystery Company combines gourmet food with a good dose of mystery and intrigue. Guests enjoy a three-course dinner while trying to solve a live-action whodunit. As the mystery progresses guests are encouraged to team together to gather clues and interrogate the suspects as the detectives attempt to crack the case. 

Image courtesy of They Improv

THEY improv has taken a unique spin on traditional murder mysteries, offering to ‘ambush’ their audiences. The nature of the entertainment is kept secret from the audience as professional actors spin a tale in their midst. For example, two actors may appear to get into a squabble, drawing guests into the mix, only to reveal the truth at an opportune moment. 

The company also offers a more traditional performance called ‘The Frick & Frack Show’, where audience members are invited by Detective Frick and Detective Frack to participate in an attempt to solve a whodunit. The detectives base the outcomes on the audience’s answers to questions, meaning that event performance is a real mystery with a unique outcome. 

In Night Justice Judge Willa Carson kills a man. Or did she? Driving home after a long and exhausting work week, Judge Willa Carson is horrified when she hits a man with her car. And then what happens?

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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