Who Is Tom Clark?

Choosing names for my story people is a complicated process. Rarely does a name simply plop itself into my work and fit perfectly on the first try. Names are destiny, after all, and when a major character is coming to life, that destiny is too important to take lightly. Think about the great character names in history, Ishmael, James Bond, Jack Reacher, even. See what I mean?

If you’re a subscriber to my NewsFlash! you have already been exposed to a couple of ways I choose perfect names. Sometimes, I ask NewsFlash! folks to help me decide. Sometimes, I use names NewsFlash! subscribers have chosen in my tales. (If you’re not a NewsFlash! subscriber and you’d like to be, it’s free and easy to sign up — and I’ll even give you a free book if you do! Simply CLICK HERE.)

When we chose the name for Jordan Fox’s friend in the False Truth mystery serial, we knew Tom Clark was already taken by thousands? millions? of people in the world. Tom Clark is not as unique as Jordan Fox or Jess Kimball or Wilhelmina Carson. Unique names can present their own challenges, such as this moment:

“I’d never met another Wilhelmina in my entire life. I suppose most of the Jims and Jennifers got over this sense of name ownership in preschool, but I’d always been the only Wilhelmina. I thought I was unique, in my little world anyway.”

-Judge Willa Carson, Wasted Justice


But in the case of Tom Clark, his name has precisely the right ring to it. Straightforward. Trustworthy. Honest as the day is long. Yep. That’s what you think of when you hear Tom Clark’s name, isn’t it?

You can meet Tom Clark starting in Book 7 of the False Truth serial. Brewer and owner of Infidel Brewing, Tom Clark wants only to make the best craft beer he can possibly brew and to have his customers enjoy themselves. He wants us to take a little break from reality. That makes Tom Clark just about perfect, don’t you think?

You can get to know Tom Clark in the False Truth serial — CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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