Willa’s winter vacation slams into Cold Justice

Judge Willa Carson planned a peaceful winter vacation in Michigan.

Quote Cold Justice

Then, Willa remembers how much she hates the cold.
Alright, not so bad once you remember how to deal with it, right?

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But, just as she’s about to embrace this perfect winter vacation, her plans literally slam to a screeching halt.

Quote- Cold Justice

Now I’ve given you a preview, and I haven’t even shown you the cover of my newest Willa Carson thriller, Cold Justice yet! How very rude of me! Here it is:

Cold Justice
And, since it’s available for pre-order *almost* everywhere now, you might want the full summary:

Everyone needs a vacation, even hardworking, crime-fighting Federal Judges. Looking forward to a quiet week of stunning winter scenery, roaring fires, and warm companionship, Judge Willa Carson and her husband George head north to Pleasant Harbor, Michigan – and slam into murder.

A car stranded in the road. A corpse slumped in the front seat. A gunshot wound to left temple. The scene is surreal, the execution ruthless, the victim far from innocent.

Local authorities want this case put away fast because it’s bad for their tourism business. Willa sees what the cops don’t, and she is not about to play along to get along.

The rugged, frozen landscape is not her beloved Tampa sunshine and palm trees, but Judge Willa Carson is always on the Hunt for Justice.

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Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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