Saturday Special: Beyond Coffee, How Did Your Week Taste?

When I’m writing fiction, it’s not enough just to narrate the action and the plot. A good book involves all five of the senses — and then some.
So, for this week’s Saturday Special, let’s look at five highlights from the past week — one representing each of the main senses.
Start with …

TOUCH: I don’t know about where you live, but the bugs are out in full force around here. Swarms of them have been attacking me, and I hate it!

So, I tried one of those “life hack” remedies I read about. This particular tip advised me to put a Q-Tip in boiling water and dab it on the bite. OW! My sense of thermoception kicked in and alerted me to the presence of heat… But I guess it worked since it stopped the itch… Lesser of two evils, right?

Do you know what thermoception is? How about chronoception, or the cutaneous sense? On my blog this week, I talked about some of the extra senses beyond the standard five. To read about them, CLICK HERE.

HEARING: Great news! We are in the process of creating three new audio books (Raw Justice, Jack in the Green, and Wasted Justice.) To be the FIRST to hear our progress, subscribe to my newsletter. To do so, CLICK HERE.

SIGHT: Next month, we’ll be releasing a new collection of Diane Capri stories titled Hit The Road Jack. Here’s a sneak peek of the book cover:

Hit The Road Jack

TASTE: Coffee drinkers, good news! I came across another article this week in support of Coffee. To read about 11 benefits of drinking coffee daily, CLICK HERE.

SMELL: This is Miki. Intrepid watch dog. Keeping a nose out for trouble on the horizon, planning to take a bite out of crime in our neighborhood. (Okay, okay. Go ahead and groan. I did when I wrote that.)

Miki Keeping Watch

This little gal has senses FBI Special Agents like Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar can only dream of having during their Hunt for Jack Reacher. Although you may remember that Otto’s sense of smell played a vital role in Get Back Jack. There’s a reason Miki’s ears are so pointy and her nose is so big. If only she had the muscle to back it up!

Which of your five… or six or seven or eight… senses are you most in tune with this weekend?

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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