Mistaken Justice

The Hunt For Justice Series #6*

Jenny Lane Thriller

Darla Nixon is one of Tampa’s most responsible citizens. Principal at the local elementary school, single mother of two grown sons, Darla has served her community well for decades. Until now.

On a rainy night, Darla leaves the party celebrating her protégé Marie Webster’s Teacher of the Year award. Driving home alone, Darla makes a mistake and three lives are changed in an instant. Darla keeps her fatal secret until it’s too late for Jennifer Lane to fix — or is it?

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“A suspenseful, surprising, and heart-wrenching story of the toughest kind of decisions time and chance force on us, and the consequences when we fail to reach the right ones.”
Larry Thornberry, book reviewer, columnist, and frequent contributor to The American Spectator and other national publications.


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