Why I Love Florida, Reason #4: 900 Hidden Springs

If you have a basic familiarity with the state of Florida, you know it’s a peninsula, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. But Florida is also home to many more “hidden” bodies of water. Of course, anything hidden is great fodder for my books!

Rainbow River

Have you ever been to a freshwater spring? Florida has more than 900 of them!!! I knew there were plenty of beautiful springs in Florida, but I really didn’t realize there were that many until I was in the middle of some research for my False Truth Mystery Serial.

In case you need a refresher, here’s a diagram showing what a spring is:

Spring Diagram

Basically, springs are formed when groundwater forces its way to the earth’s surface. And when the water hollows out a big section of rock, it’s then considered an underwater cave — a popular part of a spring for snorkeling and diving.

To protect the springs in Florida, a lot of them have been purchased by the state of Florida and are now state parks.

The biggest natural spring in Florida is called Silver Springs. This picture showing a steamboat approaching the shore is from 1901. Even in black and white, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? 

Silver Springs 1901 Steamboat 2

Silver Springs is open today as a natural park and, like many of the springs in Florida, it touts an abundance of wildlife including alligators; opportunities for kayaking and canoeing; picnics; and swimming in refreshing water that averages 70-75 degrees year-round.

Manatee Springs Florida

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