An Inside Peek at How Jordan Fox Lives

False Truth 8: A Jordan Fox Mystery released this yesterday! (You can find the links to download False Truth 8 at the bottom of this blog.)

BUT, if you need your Jordan Fox fix between books, here’s an idea: Head over to my Pinterest boards! If you don’t use Pinterest, don’t worry. That’s what this blog is for.

Pinterest is a place where I can put photos I’d like to share with you. Almost like a poster board.

These boards give you an inside peek at how Jordan Fox and her crew live. When I find photos during my research that fit Jordan and her stories, I usually put them on these boards.

Here’s a few examples:

Nelson Fox Wishes His Diet Allowed This

Pinterest- Bacon Wrapped Bites

Like many of us, Nelson Fox – Jordan’s father – loves to indulge in the junk food. High fat, high cal, bring it on—except, he can’t eat it because he’s a stroke survivor. His doctors and his daughter watch what he eats like hawks! So we have a “dream board” of foods he would eat if he could. Hey, why not?

What Does J Fox Say

Pinterest- Jordan Fox Quote

This Pinterest board is full of quotes that inspire Jordan Fox and things she likes to say. Quite a few of them show up in the False Truth books.

What Does J Fox Eat

Pinterest Jordan Fox Cake

Jordan is generally a healthy eater, but she has a serious weakness for chocolate cake.
My mouth is watering just looking at this one… I just KNOW Jordan would love it!

What Does J Fox Wear

Pinterest Jordan Fox Clothing

A reporter must have a smart wardrobe. Jordan has to be camera-ready at all times. She never knows when breaking news will put her in the spotlight. This board features clothes that Jordan would wear. They’re a combination of stylish, sensible for trekking through a variety of environments, and modest. If you know Jordan Fox, you know a V-neck is pushing the boundaries for her! 🙂

Which of these pictures from the Foxes’ lives can you most relate to?
And, if you haven’t grabbed False Truth 8: A Jordan Fox Mystery yet, here are the links for easy access:

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For False Truth 8 for iBooks, CLICK HERE.
For False Truth 8 for Kobo, CLICK HERE.
For False Truth 8 for Google Play, CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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