New Book Rollout

I have a plan to release lots of new reads for you in 2017. Some are short, exciting, fun and quick! 

To help you keep track of my new stuff, we’ve created this page so you can check to see the latest releases. Bookmark this page and check back often, as we’ll update it when a new book is released!
The newest book will always be at the top.

Justice is Served by Diane Capri

Justice is Served
Releasing June 20, 2017

Four exciting short reads featuring Judge Willa Carson never before available in one collection. Includes the USA Today Bestselling Cold Justice and three new tales.

Fatal Game: Jess Kimball Thriller by Diane Capri

Fatal Game
Released May 20, 2017

In Fatal Game, a heart surgeon is in jail. His wife kidnapped. Her driver murdered. The police files are thick. Video footage and telephone calls. Statements and witnesses. The evidence is obvious, but the doctor claims it’s not true. Out of options, he begs Jess Kimball to nail the ruthless killer whose crimes are the ultimate game.

But Jess isn’t playing. Not now. Not ever. Because justice is never a game.

Fatal Edge
Released April 20, 2017

**Exciting Short Read! In Fatal Edge, Jess Kimball’s assistant, Mandy Donovan fills in for Jess when a spoiled rich man’s girlfriend goes missing and he says he’s not to blame. Along with her new P.I. boyfriend, Mandy heads up to the ski resort in Wyoming where the woman was last seen and lands in the path of a killer. Can Jess get there before Mandy becomes the next victim?


True Justice
Released March 20, 2017

**Exciting Short Read! Ginny Richards has a great new job working for wickedly smart Federal Judge Willa Carson, and she couldn’t be happier. After a rough patch and an ugly break up, she’s finally making new friends and her career in on the upswing. But when she invites her new workmates to see her moonlighting as a jazz singer at a local club, she never expects that a night of music and merriment will end in murder.

Fair Justice by Diane CapriFair Justice
Released Feb. 20, 2017

**Exciting Short Read! When a young reporter assigned to cover Judge Willa Carson’s courtroom for the local television station is sent on a fact-finding mission, he never expects to find a body. Residents of a small Florida town are suffering from a strange, debilitating illness. A whistleblower claims the local carpet mill is engaged in dumping toxic chemicals into the water supply. Uncovering the truth may cost the reporter his life, unless Willa Carson can save him.

False Justice
Released Jan. 20, 2017

**Exciting Short Read! Judge Willa Carson’s friend Ursula Westfield is living the good life. Her career as a broadcast journalist is on fire, she finally found a good man to come home to, and her new Manhattan apartment is the stuff of dreams.

When a stranger sends her a chilling but cryptic email about a newly nominated Judge in her hometown, she knows she should ignore it. Secret sources armed with conspiracy theories were nothing but trouble. Still, she can’t seem to shake the feeling that there’s something amiss about Judge Aaron Michaels.

Driven by an insatiable quest for truth and a desire to do the right thing, she heads back to Tampa and comes face-to-face with a killer. But Judge Willa Carson is on her side and she is always on the Hunt for Justice.



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