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Watch Out for Online Romance Scams

Previously, I wrote about the dangers of Tech-support scams that trick people into paying for fake online security services or software. You can learn more about tech-scams here. Unfortunately, these types of scams are just one of many online frauds to be aware of. You’ll find references to the invisible dangers that accompany technology in […]

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Watch out for Lottery Scams

For scam artists and thieves, the internet provides a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of well-meaning people. As a crime writer, I see too many of these stories every year.  You’ll find references to the invisible dangers that accompany technology in my Jess Kimball thrillers. In Fatal Demand, it’s Investigative Reporter Jess Kimball’s impossible […]

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True Crime Holiday Edition

Do you consider yourself a professional armchair detective? Are you a true crime connoisseur? Of course, I’m committed to writing stories that are both believable and exciting. In fact, this is part of the reason I do so much research before and during the writing of my thrillers.  Whenever I start to wonder whether a […]

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I’m thinking of you this Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., and am sending a little humor your way:   Just hoping to make you smile. It’s one way this Thanksgiving that I can give back to YOU, the best readers in the world, for making my job possible. Wishing you many smiles, delightful aromas, […]

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What about windsurfing? Pt. 2

Have you heard of windsurfing? As I do with each of my books, while I was writing Jack of Spades I did a ton of research and one of the subjects I enjoyed was windsurfing.  Windsurfing is usually considered an extreme water sport for professional thrill-seekers. However, there are many opportunities for first-time windsurfers to […]

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True Crime: Fact or Fiction?

Do you consider yourself a professional armchair detective? Are you a true crime connoisseur?  My readers know that I’m dedicated to writing thrillers that are believable as well as exciting. My plots are always at least theoretically possible. One of the reasons I do so much research is to verify that my story makes logical […]

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Lee Child, Jack Reacher, and Blue Moon!

I just love a celebration, don’t you? Today, we’ve several things to celebrate. And we’ll cap it off with a great contest!   We’re celebrating three big birthdays! Happy Birthday to our friends Lee Child and Jack Reacher, our two favorite Scorpios, for sure. And now we must add their new book, Blue Moon! If […]

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Have you ever worried that you were being spied on without knowing it? If not, you probably should. A while ago I wrote about a new technology that can identify people by their heartbeats. Even the most skilled criminals and spies who have figured out how to con facial recognition software and fake their fingerprints […]

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Who is Holding Your Phone Hostage?

We thriller authors engage in fascinating research before creating our exciting plots. Our research helps us craft stories we hope you’ll find thrilling when you read them.  That’s why I like to write about technology and the dangers that accompany it. This kind of “invisible danger” fascinates me, and you’ll find references along these lines […]

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Has Your Phone Been Hacked? Pt. 2

Have you ever worried about your personal information being stolen from your cellphone? If not, you probably should. Even if you’re like FBI Special Agent Kim Otto who has layers upon layers of security surrounding her wireless devices, your privacy still might be at risk. Last week I wrote about how stalkerware can be downloaded off the internet, […]

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