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Drinkable Holiday Cheer

Cheers! Try The Season’s Best Cocktails Yet?

Sometimes, especially this time of year, I like to imagine we could all get together — you, and me, and our friends and families, and just be merry together. I so want to meet each and every one of you, and this seems particularly like the right season to do that. Of course, such a […]

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Old Christmas

Washington Irving On Christmas

Did you know that your Christmas might be very different if not for Washington Irving? He came to my mind recently because of that TV drama on FOX, “Sleepy Hollow.” It is, of course, inspired by Irving’s story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” published in 1820. When Irving wrote “Sleepy Hollow,” I’m sure he had […]

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Get Back Jack

Get Back Jack Now In Paperback!

You’re looking at a very special image. Until now, you’ve only seen a 2-D version of Get Back Jack – the second book in my Hunt for Reacher series. Look closely, and you’ll notice this picture is 3-D. Okay, so it’s still flat on your computer screen, but in real life, there is now a […]

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Abraham Shakespeare

Abraham Shakespeare Victim of Fortune

Today, a real-life mystery, solved. It’s about a lottery winner named Abraham Shakespeare, who became a victim of fortune’s nemesis: greed. Abraham Shakespeare was a simple man, by all accounts. He dropped out of school after seventh grade, still illiterate. He held a series of labor jobs over the years. He was convicted of a […]

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Coffee Beans

Coffee: Nectar of the Gods, Right?

Regular readers know I love coffee. My morning always starts with three mugs of black coffee and some days, more. Not surprisingly, coffee features prominently in my books, too. Willa Carson loves Coffee Con Leche. Carlos Gaspar likes coffee with loads of milk and sugar. Kim Otto drinks hers black, like me. In Get Back Jack alone, there […]

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Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox: Can You Solve This Case?

Her case is like one of my twisty plots that keeps us reading long into the night to find out what happens. Help us out here! Did she or didn’t she??? Four years ago this week, an Italian jury said Amanda Knox was guilty of murdering her British roommate. Two years later, another jury reversed […]

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When Pigs Fly

Feeling Frazzled? Try The Law of Least Effort

Are you thinking things may get better when pigs fly? No doubt you’ve seen it splashed on bumper stickers and greeting cards and just about everywhere.  Comics like Woody Allen and Albert Brooks have spent decades entertaining us with variations on the wry joke that “Life Sucks – And Then You Die.” Yet, studies repeatedly […]

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Thanksgiving Sky
© Laura Lavrack

Happy Thanksgiving and NewsFlash!

NEWSFLASH about NewsFlash! This week, our first NewsFlash! arrived at inboxes around the world. So what’s a NewsFlash! ? Think of it as sort of the anti-newsletter. The goal was to create a short and clear email note with goodies and gold nuggets of information exclusively to Diane Capri Crowd members. I don’t want to give […]

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Listen Up! Four For The Road (And Two Free!)

One of the best things about the digital age is downloading audio books easily onto an MP3 player, isn’t it? So much easier and faster and cheaper than CDs and a clunky portable CD player. In my case, my first iPod led me from PCs into the world of Apple and I’ve become a total […]

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[c] Laurie Lavrack

What Keeps Lee Child (And Me) Writing?

Magic I spent the day yesterday responding to email from you, the best readers in the world. Communicating with you directly is the second best part of my job. Sometimes we have very lively conversations. You often disagree with me, and each other. You tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and why. […]

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